Pastel Squares

Here is my latest work, a wall hanging, bed throw, or table runner, using concentric squares design in pastel colours. I’ve made a set of matching table mats to go with it. Enjoyed showing it at Gallery BN5, Henfield, Sussex, and now it is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Sold a Mountain!

Thrilled to have sold one of my “mountain” series of wall hangings, from my Etsy online shop.  The first of my larger wall hangings to be sold on Etsy (selling on there is really, really hard, by the way, but I am gradually progressing, patience and constant work required).  I was having a nap and my phone went “Kerching!”, the sound it makes when a sale has occurred.  Caught napping by a sale!

I have spent a lot of time living among mountains; for years in Austria, where my family had a chalet for skiing in the winter and walking in the summer.  We used to travel there by train, winding through the high mountain passes.  This quilt above is the view from the train as you come out of the long Arlberg tunnel, in winter.  It feels like the snow and rocks are about to hit into the train windows, they are so close. High snowy peaks, rocky ravines, frozen waterfalls, deep blue shadows in the snow….

I saw the Alps in all seasons, close up.  Years ago now.  But it suddenly came out in my art, decades later.  I unexpectedly did  a series of five quilt wall hangings of mountain landscapes.

Well, that is “Winter”.  I will miss it.  Next mountain quilt, watch this space….


The above artwork is titled “All the Angels”.  It is part of a series I did for an exhibition in a church, on the theme of the seven gifts God gives to the seven churches, in the first few chapters of the Book or Revelation.  These gifts are offered to those who persevere right to the end.  The particular gift referred to in this wall hanging is “I will acknowledge you before the Father and all the angels”.  One might find that rather intimidating!  But one has to realise that they already know us and are our friends.  I think angels follow us in our lives, much as I hope eventually people will follow this blog!

I am finding it much harder than I thought to set up this blog satisfactorily, I definitely need to practise perseverance…..   If you are reading this, please be patient while I hopefully get the hang of things.