Horsham Artists Art Trail

At the same time as I am showing in a group show in Worcester Cathedral, I am here taking part in the Horsham art trail. Here I am with my quilts in a school near me.

July Sale

I’m holding a summer sale of my work in my shop on 50% off all wall hangings! Starts tomorrow, 6th July. Find me on Etsy as Myvisionshared, or Vicky Glyn.

Rainbow quilts

I am just begininng of a range of exciting new wall hangings in rainbow colours and with clean modern lines and shapes.  The quilts above which I did a while back were a springboard for the new rainbow colour scheme, but now I am working using cleaner shapes and designs with more white space.

Watch this space for previews of my new range as I go along…….

I am also turning this page into news of my latest work, art and life (which are all connected), rather than the sort of blog posts I was doing previously, which were more contemplative writings about life and spirituality based on a single work of mine each tme.