The Open Door into Heaven

The next artwork in my Seven Gifts in the Book of Revelation series is the open door into heaven.  Jesus says: “Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no man can shut.” (Rev 3:8).    Further on it says: “I looked, and behold, a door was opened into heaven.”(Rev 4:1).

There is something very intriguing about a door: if shut, what is beind it?  If half open, tantalising glimpses into another world can be seen…..  there is endless fascination in literature and art about doors.  The door to the Secret Garden, the wardrobe door  leading to the imaginary country of Narnia….   Cathedral doors, portals, grand entrances, are wonderfully decorated all over the world.  A door opening and giving a glimpse of heaven, how amazing!  John in the Book of Revelation is giving us some of his visionary glimpses through that door.

In my quilt on this title, I have tried to give the shimering effect of a door into heaven.  I try and have something of a “door into the next world” in most of my art.

In real life, how frustrating it is to feel doors shut against you.  You start really excited about a new project, only to have doors constantly shut on you.  Job rejection, failed test, unanswered emails, refusals to invest, turned down for a grant, not selected for an exhibition, don’t make it onto a short list, etc.  How wonderful therefore that God opens a door for us that no man can shut!

If we are finding it difficult sometimes to find that door opened for us, don’t forget those words in John’s Gospel, where Jesus says “I am the door.  Whoever enters by me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture.”

Well, all you seekers and artists out there, I hope you find good pastures through the open door!



The Crown of Life and the Sapphire Throne.

The Crown of LifeNight Horizons

I thought I would continue with my series of quilts on the seven gifts given by God to the churches mentioned in the first few chapters of the Book of Revelation, –what my family refer to as my “Rev Sev Series”……

Above left is my “Crown of Life” and right is my “Sapphire Throne”.   Jesus says “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give you the Crown of Life.”(Rev 2:10).  Crowns don’t feature much in 21st Century life, but they come in a lot in the Book of Revelation.  I think our nearest phrase is that some work is someone’s “crowning glory”.  We do all want recognition for our endeavours in some way, so maybe getting a crown that is somehow full of life will be wonderful.  It is difficult to imagine, and I have depicted it as very colourful.

The sapphire throne comes from the text: “To him that overcometh, I will grant to sit with me on my throne.”  (Rev 3:21).  Elsewhere in Revelation it says there is a rainbow around the throne, and in Ezekiel the throne of God is described as being like sapphire, with a rainbow all around (Ezekiel 1:26-28).  So, in my depiction of the heavenly throne I have used mainly colours from the darker side of the rainbow.  I guess sitting on a throne is another way of expressing that you’ve “made it”….  Like being on the top of the podium at an Olympic event.  I am glad I wouldn’t be alone on the throne though, a bit scarey…..