Rainbow quilts

I am just begininng of a range of exciting new wall hangings in rainbow colours and with clean modern lines and shapes.  The quilts above which I did a while back were a springboard for the new rainbow colour scheme, but now I am working using cleaner shapes and designs with more white space.

Watch this space for previews of my new range as I go along…….

I am also turning this page into news of my latest work, art and life (which are all connected), rather than the sort of blog posts I was doing previously, which were more contemplative writings about life and spirituality based on a single work of mine each tme.

NOT Fifty Shades of Grey!

When we are young we see everything as totally black and white.  Parents, nice teachers, best friends are accepted as perfect.  When later we find ourselves hurt or disappointed by one of them, we suddenly “see through them”, and see them as totally bad, often writing them off altogether. Maybe years later, we can come to terms with both their good and bad parts, accept them more in the round, seeing them more in terms of shades of grey.  Hopefully get back on good terms with them, even if only in memory.

Most of my life I have seen everyone in terms of black or white, baddies or goodies, until about ten years ago, I gradually realised everyone is a mixture.  So I’ve been seeing them as fifty shades of grey….   Hopefully that has made me more tolerant of people’s foibles, less judgemental.

However, now, today, I suddenly realise that people aren’t shades of grey, they are many-coloured, filled with every hue and shade of colour.  Different moods, different facets of them, different sides to them, different phases in their lives, these are all different colours.  Understanding people in colour instead of grey adds vibrancy to my experience of them.

People’s emotions are often described by colours; for example, purple with rage, green with envy, feeling blue, black moods, in the pink, etc etc.

So next time a friend is annoying you, or whatever, think of it in terms of a colour.  Bright orange —  very irritating.  Lime green — interested, enthusiastic.  Pink — up for a cuddle.  Brown — boring on.   Etc etc.  Well at least it will make  relationships with your friends and family a richer more colourful experience!!!

The above quilt by me, made few years back, is called Rainbow Sunset.  But it could be about my new way of seeing life.

The Crown of Life and the Sapphire Throne.

The Crown of LifeNight Horizons

I thought I would continue with my series of quilts on the seven gifts given by God to the churches mentioned in the first few chapters of the Book of Revelation, –what my family refer to as my “Rev Sev Series”……

Above left is my “Crown of Life” and right is my “Sapphire Throne”.   Jesus says “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give you the Crown of Life.”(Rev 2:10).  Crowns don’t feature much in 21st Century life, but they come in a lot in the Book of Revelation.  I think our nearest phrase is that some work is someone’s “crowning glory”.  We do all want recognition for our endeavours in some way, so maybe getting a crown that is somehow full of life will be wonderful.  It is difficult to imagine, and I have depicted it as very colourful.

The sapphire throne comes from the text: “To him that overcometh, I will grant to sit with me on my throne.”  (Rev 3:21).  Elsewhere in Revelation it says there is a rainbow around the throne, and in Ezekiel the throne of God is described as being like sapphire, with a rainbow all around (Ezekiel 1:26-28).  So, in my depiction of the heavenly throne I have used mainly colours from the darker side of the rainbow.  I guess sitting on a throne is another way of expressing that you’ve “made it”….  Like being on the top of the podium at an Olympic event.  I am glad I wouldn’t be alone on the throne though, a bit scarey…..




Well, I had a few encouraging comments etc., for my new blog site and first ever blog, (on angels).  One commenter even said my artwork was breathtaking!  So I am feeling encouraged to have a go at another blog.   

Today I was so excitied to be starting a new quilt.  I’ve done the design, worked out the shapes and sizes on squared paper, chosen the fabrics, but today I actually cut the pieces.  I feel very excited when I get to cut the peices, then the work is really on the go, no turning back….  This new quilt is the fourth in a new series I am working on using modern rainbow designs.  I seem to be obsessed with rainbows at the moment; my new flat is done up in a rainbow colour scheme, I even dream about them. So I thought I would work rainbows out of my system, artistically speaking, by doing a whole series of them.

Rainbows are beautiful, joyful and enticing, and not just for children.  I once drove miles down the M5 into a complete double rainbow.  A rainbow is the sign of the promise given by God to Noah after the great flood, in the first book of Bible, and it comes in again in the last book of the Bible, – the fulfillment of the promise,  where Jesus is described as having a rainbow around his throne.   

Countries and movements use the rainbow in their flags, to show the hope, joy and diversity inherent in the rainbow symbol.  I am happy to share the optimism of the rainbow in my series of art quilts.  I hope I do it justice!

So, off to work more on this new quilt.  Photos of this new series in progress soon I hope.  Watch this space!