Treasures of Darkness

This title is from the Bible, Isaiah Chapter 45 verse 3, where God says: “I will give you the treasures of darkness and riches hidden in secret places.” When thing seem really bad, in the middle of the night, or when we are going through a really dark patch in our lives, God is still there.  if we can somehow manage to turn our thoughts to him in these bad times, he will show us glimmers of hope, shining aspects of himself, teach us amazing lessons about life, ourselves, Him, which we wouldn’t have learnt in our normal happy life.

I’ve been in some dark places in my life.  Even now, I can fall back down there quite quickly.  But now I have a reminder system for these times, to remember God and that there are treasures to be found even in darkness.

This quilt has many different black fabrics in it, also cobwebs.  But it also has lots of gold and silver, shining glints of diamonds and other precious gems, rings, etc.  A mixture of finding treasure down in the cellar, or gems down a mine.  The design is deliberately complex and mysterious, as these moments of darkness are often a bit of a confused time.  Not exactly a work one would want to have in the living room, but for me it is all part of the complex business of life, the dark side and the colourful side.

I’ve just shown this quilt in a group show of the Christian Arts Society, in Worcester Cathedral.  The show was a success, and I was thrilled to be showing in a big cathedral.

Sold a Mountain!

Thrilled to have sold one of my “mountain” series of wall hangings, from my Etsy online shop.  The first of my larger wall hangings to be sold on Etsy (selling on there is really, really hard, by the way, but I am gradually progressing, patience and constant work required).  I was having a nap and my phone went “Kerching!”, the sound it makes when a sale has occurred.  Caught napping by a sale!

I have spent a lot of time living among mountains; for years in Austria, where my family had a chalet for skiing in the winter and walking in the summer.  We used to travel there by train, winding through the high mountain passes.  This quilt above is the view from the train as you come out of the long Arlberg tunnel, in winter.  It feels like the snow and rocks are about to hit into the train windows, they are so close. High snowy peaks, rocky ravines, frozen waterfalls, deep blue shadows in the snow….

I saw the Alps in all seasons, close up.  Years ago now.  But it suddenly came out in my art, decades later.  I unexpectedly did  a series of five quilt wall hangings of mountain landscapes.

Well, that is “Winter”.  I will miss it.  Next mountain quilt, watch this space….