The Morning Star

This is one of my favourite quilts, which I have made twice, for friends of mine.  One of them wanted an artwork to go opposite their bed to help them feel positive when they woke up in the mornings.   It is one of my Seven Gifts or Revelation series, mentioned in my earlier blogpost about Angels.  Seven gifts are offered to the Christians in the seven churches mentioned in the first few chapters of the Book or Revelation, as a reward for remaining faithful right to the end.  Also, at the end of the book, in Chapter 22 verse 16, Jesus says “I am the bright and morning star.”

The bright star breaks through the darkness of the night, which is already getting to the pale grey of early dawn.  It could also depict the Resurrection, which also happened in the early hours.  Not being an early morning person myself, I fear sometimes I may end up missing the whole thing! The only times I see the dawn is if I havent got to bed yet, or am still trying to get off to sleep, so not usually feeling at my best…..  Hope I have captured the light and the moment OK, despite that.

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